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Foreign settlement & travel in astrology - remedies by Acharya Raman Kamra

Foreign settlement and travel is one of the most sought after in today's world particularly among the youth of today. the main reason behind this is mostly for better financial prospects , educational purpose and better living conditions and  better opportunities. but mind you going to foreign land and settling there is not an easy task in today's time particularly going to countries like USA , Europe , Canada , Australia , Dubai , Newzealand etc. you have to have a good yogas in your horoscope if you need to travel abroad or settle their otherwise you will waste a lot of money and time in fulfilling conditions and would still not be able to go and consequently you will lag behind and feel depressed.

So many people are willing to settle abroad especially young generation of our country as they think they will have more chances abroad to explore themselves, having ravishing life, earn good amount of money and for having safe future.This is not an easy task for any astrologer to predict about a native will settle abroad or not. Still through deep knowledge and experience an astrologer can predict about such cases. In this regard there should be strong connection between 9th house and ascendant with 12th house.
Only one house is not involved in abroad journey as written in the classical text.There are no of houses involved in this context in which 9th and 12th houses are main houses and others are 7th and 8th houses in my view. In Astrology 9th house is considered the house of fortune. So, if it is the house of fortune then it must be related to the well-being of a person. So, if a person is going through the dasha antardasha of 9th lord or planet connected to the 9th lord then definitely the journey of a person is fruitful if there is no malefic influence on the house or the planet. Strong 9th house and planets associated with it gives immense wealth and reputation in abroad.Another house concerning abroad journey is 12th house. But as we all know 12th house also represents debts and loses Etc, the journey connected to this house may or may not be fruitful for a person. An astrologer must keep this point in his mind while predicting about abroad journey or settlement.
This connection should not be with the 4th house because then the person will go abroad but will not settle there and come back after few years for one reason or the other. Conversely, if 4th house is afflicted by Saturn, Rahu or Ketu- foreign settlement is possible.If an ascendant lord has a strong connection in 9th and 12th house in a fixed sign then the probability for abroad settlement increases.

The probability of staying or travelling abroad is all depending upon the strength of significators involved. Jupiter is the main significator of abroad settlement. From another point it is also very important because in KalPurushKundali, in 9th house the rashi falls is Sagittarius whose lord is Jupiter and it is dual in nature and has fire element in it. So this considered as the important planet and 9th house considered be important house for abroad issues. Another important planet in this regard is Rahu.Rahu signifies the foreign element in the chart, something that is unconventional and out of ordinary. The combination of above-said planets with the above-said houses give strong indications of settling abroad.
This is another most important factor means if there is strong yoga occurred in the horoscope of a person then another question arises when it would fructify? Because timing of happening of an event is the most important thing in astrology. This is another challenging job for an astrologer to predict the specific timing. Here are some important factors regarding this:
• Dasha or Antardasha of 9th or 12th house
• Dasha or Antardasha of planets associated with 9th or 12th house.
• Mahadasha of Rahu
• Also consider 9th lord from Moon
• Despositor of 9th house
• Planets sitting in 8th house.
Primary houses for foreign journey are 9th and 12th house.
If these houses fall in moveable signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, Capricorn) or water signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces), then there is a possibility of foreign travel (or travel over the seas!). It is obvious from the above that Cancer is a powerful sign in this regard as it is both a moveable sign and a watery sign. Thus if the 9th or 12th houses of a horoscope fall in these signs, or if the 9th or 12th house lords fall in these signs, you may deduce that foreign travel is indicated for such natives.
For an example native is going abroad for higher education and in his chart 4th lord is placed in the 9th house which happens to be a moveable sign, or a watery sign, and is conjunct the 12th  lord,We may conclude that the native will be traveling abroad for higher education (4th house stands for basic education; 9th house stands for advanced courses/ specializations).
When 4th lord is placed in 12th house then native will find more auspicious living in abroad rather than at his native place.
Association of 5th, 9th, and 12th lords in the dasamsha indicate traveling abroad for professional reasons. These persons are usually employed as skilled professional like (scientists, professors, etc.)in abroad. If the combination of 9th and 10th lord is associated with the 12th house, the native may go on to win prestigious awards in the foreign country, and in some cases even get elected to high constitutional posts like Senator/ Governor/ Chairman of Board of Studies, etc. Curiously similar combinations will be found in the horoscopes of Indian posted abroad. Similar are the results when 10th and 12th lords of the dasamsha have mutual aspect or association.
It should be noted that while moveable signs indicate travels away from homeland and hence might indicate long stay abroad, common signs indicating foreign travel signify that the person might travel a lot to foreign lands, but there will be no extended stay there.
Periods When Foreign Travels Are Indicated :
When there are adequate prospects in the natal chart for going abroad, the native may undertake foreign travels during any of the periods mentioned below:
1) Dasa/ bhukti of the 9th lord or the 12th lord, or the planets that are in association with the 12th lord (by placement or aspect).
2) Dasa/ bhukti of the planets that are associated with Moon.
3) Dasa/ bhuktis of Rahu, Venus, or Moon if these planets are in the 12th house.
4) Dasa/ bhuktis of exalted/ debilitated planets in the horoscope.
5) Sub-periods of Ketu and Rahu in the major period of Rahu.
6) Jupiter bhukti in Saturn dasa (if Jupiter owns 12th house).
7) Dasa/ bhukti of the planets associated with the 9th lord.
8) When Saturn in its transit crosses the natal position of Sun.
9) When Jupiter in its transit aspects the 9th or 12th house, or aspects the 9th/ 12th house lords.
10) Foreign journeys  are experienced even during sade-sathi. Directions associated with the journey(especially for western countries like U.S. and Canada).
As direction of the journey is mostly linked with rashi’s direction, Rasi which represent the western side are Gemini, libra and aquarius,When the concerned lords and moon are placed in respective houses like 9th, 12th or 4th in these rashi then chances are more bright that one will go to US or Canada.
The native becomes a foreign resident when the lord of the ascendant and the lord of the fourth house are situated in the twelfth house.
    If the lord of the twelfth house is in the fourth house, then the native stays in his country only.
    The native stays in the foreign country for a long time when the lord of the fourth house s in the twelfth house, or the fourth house is under the influence of the twelfth house.
    When the lord of the first house and the second house change signs the native become a foreign national.
    When the lord of the twelfth house is situated in the center or trine house from the ascendant, the native attains success in the foreign country.
    The native might live in a alone in a rural place away from home, when the lord of the ascendant aspects weak lord of the twelfth house. However, if the lord of the twelfth house is strong the native resides in the metropolitan city only.
    Moon is analyzed for long distance travel. If there are yogas for foreign travel in the horoscope along with weak Moon, the native is not able to travel abroad.
    When the native travels abroad during the dasha of Moon or Venus, it is mostly for entertainment and tourism.
    The eight house, lord of the eighth house, twelfth house and the lord of the twelfth house are analyzed to determine the foreign travel. The eighth house is considered to be the house of residence.
    Rahu in the eighth house and the lord of the eighth house in the tenth house brings opportunities to travel abroad.
Nakshatras like Anuradha (Ruler – Saturn, Deity – Mitra), Satabhisha (Ruler – Rahu, Deity – Varuna ) & Dhanistha (Ruler – Mars, Deity – Eight Vasus) play a significant role in travelling & foreign settlement. I have seen in majority of the charts that natives with strong influence of these three nakshatras gain tremendously when get relocated to foreign lands.
Planetary combinations for Travel abroad and Settling abroad.
1. Saturn in 2nd or 4th, Moon in 12th - Will make one live in foreign lands.
2. The Ascendant lord in the Ascendant - The native will visit foreign or far away lands.
3. The Ascendant lord in the 7th - They experience vicissitudes of moods and the native may end up in a foreign country.
4. 6th lord in 10th, 7th lord in 10th, 9th lord in 7th - Native bound to be successful in foreign countries/far away lands.
5. 9th Lord in 9th , 10th lord in 7th - foreign visits
6. 10th lord in 12th - Native will reside abroad
7. 11th lord in 7th - they go abroad on a world tour.
8. 12th lord in 9th - live abroad and prosper there.
9. Saturn in the Twelfth House- native will live away from one's place of domicile.
10. 2nd Lord in 1st House - The native wants to be away from home and long for pleasures outside his/her home and family.
11. 8th lord in 4th, 4th lord in 12th - The native miss maternal proximity. They will be away from home.
12. Rahu in 4th or 9th will make the native inclined to live abroad.
13. If these combinations are in amsha kundli, abroad settling may happen through spouse.
Native may be having one or two or more combination from the above but that may not indicate foreign travel because lot of other  things  needs to be analyzed properly including dasa , transit and nakshatras before we can confirm foreign settlement or travel for the native.
         My experience shows that to  remove the hindrances and obstructions coming out in terms of visa or papers in foreign travel or settlement first thing would be to choose two key planets considering the current dasa , transit , position and conjunction,  aspect and nakshatras of these two planets .                                                               So by combining the power of two planets ie one for removal of obstructions and another for professional success abroad and for the purpose of settlement abroad you take the help of  twin gemstone locket that consists of the power of two planets and also by using the yantra which will speedup the entire process you can fulfill your long standing dream of success in foreign land at a very fast pace. 

                                                   As shown in the above picture the package consists of twin gemstone locket and yantra.

Cost of twin gemstone locket and yantra   :  Rs 2100 /- INR. 

Courier charges in India                            :  Rs 150 /- INR. 

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Each combinations of gemstones in the locket would be as per horoscope of each native. So it would be different for each person as key planets of each native would be different as per individual horoscope. Aacharya ji will tell you a proper muhurata ( auspicious time and date) on when to wear the locket and also when and where to keep yantra for speeding up the entire process. The cost of the package is kept very nominal so that you can fulfill your dream of foreign settlement and journey without wasting a lot of money on consultants, agents or otherwise.

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Yellow sapphire or pukhraj for virgo ( kanya ) ascendent.

For these natives, Jupiter owns 4th and 7th house.Here it suffers from Kendradhipati Dosha. It is marak lord also. These natives should avoid wearing Yellow Sapphire, But if Jupiter is posited in the birth chart in 2nd, 4th, 5th, 7th, 10th, 11th, house, wearing Yellow Sapphire will bring status, sagacity, progenic happiness and material benefits.

Ruby or Maanik for cancer ( karka) ascendent

For Cancer natives, Sun is the lord of 2nd house which is house of funds. Sun is also a friend of moon the ascendant lord. Hence, if these native face financial problems, they should wear Ruby. If these natives face eye problems, then also they can wear Ruby. Since Sun lord of marak house here. hence it is advisable to wear Ruby along with white Pearl for these natives.

Hessonite or gomed ratan for gemini ( mithun ) rashi

Rahu is the significant planet for this ascendent and is also a friend of ascendent lord mercury. If rahu is posited in 1st, 6th, 9th or 11th house should wear hessonite.This particular position of rahu is a special position, as it creates a particular yoga called Tung yoga where it gives huge amounts of wealth and blessings of mother Lakshmi after struggle.

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Indian Famous Vedic Astrologers in Delhi NCR

An Indian Vedic Astrologer (even Doctor of Astrology or Doctorate of Astrology) can himself suffer in life due to his own bad luck or a bad phase of time. The job of an Indian Vedic Astrologer is not to bluff his clients by claiming that he can change their destiny by prescribing some so called remedies (like stones, mantras, tantra, yantras, yagna, havan, poojas, homams or daans) but only to tell something about their destiny & to alert them of some coming good or bad phase of time in their lives so that his clients can prepare themselves in advance (if situation seems to be avoidable or if its bad effect can be minimized) according to the practical ways as suggested by the Indian Vedic Astrologer or Vedic Astrologers in India . Though altering one's destiny is not that easy & it can not be done with out the bounty of God.


According to shastras, the whole universe is made of a 'material' called Narayana. Out of it, only 1/8th part is perceivable by us and it is called Vasudeva.The rest of Narayana cannot be perceived by ordinary mortals.

The names of the week from Monday to Sunday are so common place for us that we completely ignore their importance.This names are however not given randomly and are product of vedic astrology which has always been an integral part of Indian way of life since time immemorial.

Now let us come to the scientific astronomical facts - We all know that Saturn is the slowest moving planet and takes  30yrs to take a complete round and come back to original position.Then comes Jupiter 12yrs , then comes Mars, then Sun(geocentric) , then Venus, Mercury, Moon , in this order.First Hora(Hour) of the day , on any weekday, starts with the planet itself. Like on Saturday first Hora would be of Saturn itself then 2nd Hora of Jupiter, 3rd Hora of Mars ,4th Hora of Sun, 5th Hora of Venus, 6th Hora of Mercury and then the 7th Hora of Moon.(The sequence is according to their speeds as told above). Total One Hour each , we get 7 hours. Repeating the same sequence 3 times , we get 21 hours. But in a day, as we all know ,scientifically, there are 24 hours, so 3 Horas are still to go to complete a day. Here ending Hora was of Moon( 3 cycles - total 21 hours). So continuing with the same sequence we get 22nd Hour for Saturn, 23rd Hour for Jupiter, and finally 24th Hour for Mars. This completes the day of 24 hours.
                                                                              Now taking the same sequence ahead, after Mars we get Sun, so the next day begins with Sunday. Same, the first hora of Sun , then, Venus, Mercury, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter and Mars.( one hour each).But as we know again 3 cycles are of 21 hours and 3 hours still to go to complete a day. Here also the ending Hora was of Mars , so continuing the same sequence we get 22nd hour of Sun, 23rd Hour of Venus, 24th hour of Mercury which completes the day. So the next in the cycle would be Moon .So the next day begins with Monday, the first hora of which would me of Moon itself.
                                                                             Repeating one more time , we get , Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Mars, Sun , Venus, and Mercury. ( 3 cycles complete 21 hours). So 22nd hour would be of Moon, 23rd of Saturn, 24th of Jupiter. (which completes the day of 24 hours). So next in the sequence would be Mars.Therefore ,the next day is Tuesday, which begins with first hora of Mars.
                                                                           Likewise , if we continue, we would find that the sequence of the days of week are given very scientifically and logically by our seers and rishi's , who were  very far ahead in science from any Eienstien  or Newton.

Best Regards,
Aacharya Raman.
(vedic astrologer)
+91 9818399968.
+91 9911351351.

Virgo ascendent and cats eye (lehsuniya)

For virgo ascendent natives if ketu is placed in 3rd, 4th or 9th hous can wear catseye but only after trial and that too when ketu dasha is operating not for life long.